Reporting Channels

The Reporting Channel Portal is an online platform for registering and handling complaints.
Through a public area, which can be integrated into the organization’s website, it provides a form so that the whistleblower can register his complaint and monitor the respective treatment. Through the back office area, the organization can monitor and record all stages of treatment until closing, in an efficient, confidential and fully centralized way.

• Form for registering a Complaint
• Management and handling of Complaints
• Consultation of the status of the complaint by the complainant
• BackOffice area with two-factor authentication for greater security
• Channel and Complaint Form configuration in accordance with the organization’s policy
• Image customization according to the organization’s visual identity
• Possibility of incorporating the Reporting Channel on the organization’s website
• Alerts via email to the Compliance Officer for new registered complaints and to the whistleblower (if he decides to identify himself)