Having management software that allows digitizing and optimizing processes, as well as obtaining useful information for the business, in real time and from anywhere, are key characteristics of competitive companies today.

ERP CEGID Primavera responds to these and other challenges of Micro, Small, Medium and Large Companies, allowing them to manage processes with a permanent focus on productivity, high levels of performance and profitability. And all this following the growth of your company.

CEGID Primavera’s offer is complemented by Vertical Solutions that address Business Sectors with very specific needs and Specialized Solutions focused on Highly Specialized Functional Areas.

With a high capacity for customization and interconnection with other systems and applications, as well as the scalability that characterize them, CEGID Primavera Management and ERP Solutions allow adaptation to your business, and a maximization of the return on investment. And with a guarantee of legal and tax compliance.


The future has arrived with CEGID Primavera ERP EVOLUTION!

Have the ERP tailored to your business, always in compliance with current legislation.

• Package with Sales, Inventory, POS, Current Accounts, PDM and Extensibility for 1 company (maximum) and 1 user (maximum);

• Package with Sales, Inventory, Orders, POS, Current Accounts, XLS Sales, PDM and Extensibility for 1 company (maximum) and up to 2 users (maximum);

• Package with Sales, Inventory, Orders, Purchases, POS, Current Accounts, Banks, XLS Sales, PDM and Extensibility for up to 3 companies (maximum) and up to 3 users (maximum);

• Package with Sales, Inventory, Orders, Purchases, POS, Current Accounts, Banks, XLS Sales and Finance, Fiscal Reporting, PDM, Accounting, Dashboards and Extensibility for up to 5 companies (maximum) and up to 10 users (maximum), it also has the possibility of adding additional functionality;

• Package with Sales, Inventory, Orders, Purchasing, POS, Current Accounts, Banking, POE Suite, Fiscal Reporting, PDM, Management Accounting, Dashboards, Contract Management, Equipment & Assets and Advanced Extensibility & Webhooks for companies and unlimited users, has also the possibility of adding additional functionalities;

Benefit from the modular architecture of the CEGID PRIMAVERA solution, which covers the main functional areas of organizations and guarantees an integrated, transparent and global view of the business.

Contacts and Opportunities
ERP CEGID PRIMAVERA simplifies the implementation of commercial strategies adapted to the digital age, through a set of interconnected automatisms that generate efficiency throughout the entire commercial cycle, from marketing and pre-sales operations, through commercial processes, to the management of customer loyalty. All integrated with the other areas of the business.

Conceived in a logic of high flexibility and integration, Logistics extends to the specific needs of companies in the most varied sectors of activity. The treatment of the entire commercial circuit of the companies is ensured by areas that are harmoniously interconnected: Sales, Purchasing and Inventories.

The financial area, made up of the Treasury and Accounting modules, is the core of any integrated management system. It stands out for its wide tax and legal coverage and for its total flexibility in handling and consulting information.
The Treasury module allows issuing all types of receipt and payment documents, notices and maturity statements, making bank forecasts, reconciling bank accounts manually or automatically, calculating interest, issuing checks and deposit slips.
The Accounting module allows you to organize the budgetary, general, analytical and cost accounting of any type of company, record all types of manual or automatic movements with the integration of relevant accounting information from other modules.

Human Resources
The Human Resources module is an important tool for managing and valuing the human resources of organizations. The automatisms available in the solution speed up the administrative operations of human capital management, from payroll processes, through the management of contracts and bonds, to training processes. It also integrates automatically with the Social Security Base Platform, eliminating the administrative work of communication, registration of the bond and Declaration of Remuneration of new employees.

Equipment and Assets
The Equipment and Assets module, the preferred instrument for recording fixed assets, is designed to meet all equipment and asset management needs. In addition to issuing all the legal maps of depreciation, revaluations, capital gains/losses and leasing, the module deals with the entire life cycle of a company’s assets. The registration of acquisitions, the calculation of depreciation, revaluations and capital gains, as well as the processing of major repairs, disposals and write-offs, make this module an excellent tool for any type of company, regardless of its size.

Contract Management
The Contract Management module makes it possible to streamline the entire process of managing and controlling the lifecycle of contracts and associated business policies. Among the main focuses of contract management are negotiation, control of contractual guarantees, management of the period of validity and compliance with contractual rules, renewal/renegotiation and archiving.

Project management
The CEGID PRIMAVERA Executive solution allows you to easily identify the costs, income and profitability of each Project/Work.
With this solution, it is very simple to obtain financial control of the Projects/Works in progress and identify the consumption associated with each Project/Work, namely, the means involved, the requisitions made, the invoices generated, advances and bank guarantees, subsidies and financing.

Management Dashboards
Through dashboards, monitor the performance of the Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Financial, Human Resources and even Production areas, in the case of organizations in the industrial sector. In addition to the ready-to-use dashboards, you can also quickly design other customized analyzes using a very simple and intuitive Dashboard Designer tool.

Optimize processes through automatisms and digitalization tools. Ensure rigor in legal and tax treatment. Take advantage of the modular nature of the solution and adapt it to your company’s needs.

Contacts and Opportunities
The CEGID PRIMAVERA solution helps you create a calendar of daily activities, more in line with objectives, making it easier to follow up on each opportunity.

The sales area provides simple and intuitive tools to speed up Over-the-counter sales operations, so that you can offer your customers a pleasant shopping experience. It also complies with rigor and simplicity with all legal and tax requirements and ensures compliance with the company’s rules, through document approval flows that guarantee maximum rigor to operations.

Financial Area
The financial area, made up of the Treasury and Accounting modules, is the core of any integrated management system.
The Treasury module allows you to manage your company’s financial resources and responsibilities, with rigor and efficiency, through automatic settlement, transfer and matching of accounts, posting of pending items, advances and other Treasury movements.
The Accounting module allows the recording of documents, going through budget management, drawing up charts of accounts by financial year, up to the calculation of results. The solution automates the completion and delivery of Maps, Models and Official Declarations in force in markets such as Portugal, Spain, Angola, Cape Verde or Mozambique.

Human Resources
This solution allows you to automate time-consuming and error-prone operations. It automatically handles the processing of salaries and other remuneration, contributory systems and retentions, covenants, commissions, indemnities and other charges. It also integrates automatically with the Social Security Base Platform. The solution simplifies all contractual management, from controlling trial periods, to renewal and termination of the contract.

In CEGID PRIMAVERA Professional you will find simple and intuitive tools for registering acquisitions, calculating depreciation, entering revaluations, revaluation, impairment losses, recording repairs, disposals and write-off of own, transferred, rented or used Assets.

Project management
With this solution, it is very simple to obtain financial control of the Projects/Works in progress. The intuitive organization of information allows you to know in detail each Project/Work, manage budgets, monitor their evolution and estimate costs.

Contract Management
The automatisms of CEGID PRIMAVERA Professional ensure speed and accuracy throughout the entire process, integrating commercial and administrative information that results in enormous assertiveness and increased capacity to control purchase, sale and after-sales contracts. You can associate an automatic billing plan to each contract, integrated with the financial area, which simplifies the execution of financial processes.

Technical services
This solution makes it possible to easily plan and manage the number of hours allocated to each contract or service object, the number of incidents or duration periods, as well as contractual guarantees and commercial conditions.

foreign trade
With the PRIMAVERA Professional solution, you optimize the organization of information on imports, monitor the status of each process, control the timing of goods delivery and obtain global control of the costs involved. Information on foreign purchase operations flows naturally in the different areas of the ERP.

Management Dashboards
Through dashboards, monitor the performance of the Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Financial, Human Resources and even Production areas, in the case of organizations in the industrial sector. In addition to the ready-to-use dashboards, you can also quickly design other customized analyzes using a very simple and intuitive Dashboard Designer tool.

With a very particular focus on optimizing its clients’ tax operations and streamlining the office itself internally, CEGID PRIMAVERA solutions incorporate a set of mechanisms that allow Accounting and Management Service Providers to reach levels of excellence in the provision of their service.

Management Accounting
With the CEGID PRIMAVERA solution, you have access to highly productive mechanisms for entering documents, handling VAT and calculations, Model 22, annual declaration and respective annexes, periodical and year-end economic and financial statements, cash flow statements and functions, among many other functionalities that handle Accounting quickly and efficiently. It also benefits from greater simplicity in the preparation of management reports, maps of economic and financial analysis, calculation of taxable income or rendering of accounts, demonstration of results, analysis of ratios and other multi-annual comparative indicators in a simple way.

Human Resources
With this solution, it is possible to handle automatically the processing of salaries and other remunerations, contribution systems and withholdings, covenants, commissions, indemnities, issuance of mandatory official statements and other charges. The speed in contract management is another advantage, streamlining procedures from the control of trial periods, through renewal and termination of the contract. This solution also simplifies the management of SHST (Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work) processes and other operations related to the management of human capital.

Asset Management
With the CEGID PRIMAVERA solution, it simplifies the management of the life cycle of fixed assets – from registering acquisitions, calculating depreciation, posting revaluations, registering repairs, disposals and write-offs. It also streamlines the issuance of statements, in accordance with the latest accounting rules (IFRSs). This solution automates: the calculation of depreciation/amortization, revaluations and deferred income (subsidies), linear, duodecimal or annual processing of Assets; the entry of extraordinary depreciation/amortization, the treatment of impairments, the breakdown of Assets and transfers of values between Assets and the recording of repairs, disposals and write-offs.

Accounting Automation
With the Accounting Automation solution, you benefit from a set of features that allow you to increase the productivity of your office:
• Integration of SAF-T files, e-invoice and other documents;
• Importation of documents by origin and respective scheduling;
• Automatic import of customer accounting (Plus version);
• Automatic posting of documents in Accounting;
• Listing of pending and upcoming documents;
• Suggestion of automatic accounting based on the entity’s launch history;
• Automatic bank reconciliation and accounting;
• Reconciliation of pending documents with those already released in the ERP;
• Batch communication of SAF-T files;
• Dashboard of monthly operations by customer, state and pending.

Tax Reporting Manager
CEGID PRIMAVERA Fiscal Reporting Manager is a productivity tool that simplifies the generation and delivery of tax returns to which companies are legally obliged, allowing you to manage the various calendars and models/declarations according to the market where companies are located and the respective delivery frequency. With this solution, you can group different companies according to different criteria and process, validate, print and generate the magnet all at once for that group of companies.

Digital Archive
With CEGID PRIMAVERA’s Digital Archive, free yourself from repetitive and manual tasks and focus on actions that add value to your business, through the digital archiving of documents in the cloud and automation of accounting entries, gaining the ability to offer services with greater added value to your customers.

CEGID PRIMAVERA Office Extensions (POE) is an add-in for Microsoft Office Excel that provides various functionalities fully integrated with the CEGID PRIMAVERA ERP, namely with the areas of Sales, Human Resources and Accounting and Finance.

The Top Manager, the Commercial Director and all members of the Sales team find the XLS Sales application a decisive tool for controlling performance. Several maps are available that show the organization’s results, according to the various perspectives: sales overview, comparison of results, salesperson analyses, sales summaries, branch and section analyses, best-selling products, customer analyses, etc.

Human Resources
XLS Human Resources allows you to quickly, from an Excel spreadsheet, select the desired information in the Human Resources module of the CEGID PRIMAVERA ERP and access various analyses, namely, budget control, absences and overtime, personnel departures, analysis of records, in addition to various statistics.

Accounting and Finance
Ideal solution for Controllers and Finance Directors that allows simplified reporting, as well as consistent, informed decision-making based on concrete, reliable and up-to-date data. With XLS Financial it is possible to access management reports, annual/monthly maps of economic and financial analysis, income statement, ratio analysis and other multi-year comparative indicators. Everything, in a simple and very intuitive way, through a tool that you know very well – Microsoft Excel.

Production analysis
This module allows you to know the manufactured quantities at all times, through a set of analyzes by articles, by customers, summaries of quantities, conforming or rejected articles.
It also allows you to know in detail the production costs through reports of actual and expected costs per order, raw material, labor or machinery and easily compare between periods.
Through this functionality it is possible to guarantee the creation of other reports through the formulas available in the Reporting solution.

Construction Reports
It allows access to cost reports, profitability analyzes and execution maps, which guarantee financial and temporal control of each work.
In this way, you will benefit from complete reports with car billing data; adjudicated, authorized, rejected records and less work; analyzes of budgets, budgets, margins, amounts awarded, payment plans, actual versus expected invoicing, additional contracts and other analyzes by work, by type of resource, by specialty, by class of activity or by entity.
In addition to the basic analyzes already provided, it is also possible to easily create other reports.

EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE  streamlines the administrative management of Human Resources. Processes such as handling expenses, vacations and overtime, absenteeism, declarations, payslips, registration, training and all types of contractual information are now dematerialized in a web application available to the entire organization on your computer or any mobile device with an internet connection.


• Centralize Human Resources administrative processes in a single solution
• Provide always up-to-date information, effortlessly
• Quickly disseminate institutional information throughout the organization
• Gain agility in expense management
• Give autonomy to employees in the management of personal information
• Streamline approval processes, maintaining all rigor
• Streamline the work of team managers
• Access information from any mobile device
• Profit from the investment made in your management system


Whether it is a simple implementation with parameterization or one that requires customization of the solution tailored to your company, it is essential that the chosen technological partner provides you with effective support throughout the entire process.

F3M is one of the biggest technology companies in Portugal, presenting several reasons to be the ideal partner:

• Having skills and know-how to implement highly complex information systems.
• Carry out additional developments to other technological solutions and proceed with the integration of various information systems.
• Having specialized teams with certified skills.
• Be able to develop projects for companies regardless of their size and type.

To this we add the experience of decades of work with different technological solutions in hundreds of projects.