About us

F3M is a reference in the field of information and communication technologies. With origins in Portugal and more than 30 years of existence, it began its internationalization process in 2006, being present in 8 countries.

F3M Mozambique shares the same values as the parent company: the satisfaction of our customers, integrity and professional ethics, innovation and dynamism. We are increasingly a reference on the national scene, in distinct sectors such as construction and real estate development, education, optics, health, security companies, animal feed/distribution, among many others.

Made up of a multidisciplinary team, F3M Mozambique responds to all market needs in the field of information technologies, consultancy and technological training.


Our mission is to provide specialized and quality ICET (Information, Communication and Electronics Technologies) solutions. Through our work, we seek to contribute to the improvement and competitiveness of client organizations. We understand the importance of advanced technological solutions in today’s business environment, and we are dedicated to providing products and services that meet the specific needs of each client. We believe that by helping organizations adopt innovative and efficient technologies, we are driving their success and growth.


In our vision, we aspire to be a reference organization in the markets in which we operate. We seek to stand out as a leading and reliable company in the field of TICE solutions. Our vision is based on our core values, our passion for excellence and our commitment to providing the best service to our customers. We aim to be recognized as a strategic partner, capable of offering innovative and high-performance technological solutions that drive the success and digital transformation of organizations.


Orientation towards results and clients, planning and management by objectives, team spirit, creativity and innovation, orientation towards continuous improvement, integrity, ethics and professionalism.

  1. Results and customer orientation: We put our customers first, seeking to understand their needs and offering solutions that meet their expectations. Our objective is to provide tangible results that add value to our clients’ businesses.
  2. Planning and management by objectives: We adopt a strategic approach, setting clear goals and defining action plans to achieve them. Our focus is on achieving concrete results, following a management methodology based on measurable and attainable objectives.
  3. Team spirit in relationships: We value teamwork and cultivate collaborative relationships with everyone involved in the value chain, including customers, employees, suppliers/subcontractors and partners. We believe that teamwork and cooperation are essential for mutual success.
  4. Creativity and innovation: We encourage creativity and the search for innovative solutions. We encourage our employees to think outside the box, explore new ideas and approaches, as well as constantly seek to improve our products and services.
  5. Orientation towards continuous improvement: We seek to continuously improve our processes, products and services. We are committed to constant learning and development, looking for ways to improve our practices and deliver the best solutions to our customers. We promote a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organization, encouraging feedback, critical analysis and the implementation of improvements at all levels.
  6. Integrity, ethics and professionalism: We act with integrity and ethics in all our actions and decisions. We value honesty, transparency and mutual respect. We maintain high professional standards, fulfilling commitments and maintaining the confidentiality of our clients’ data and information.